The experience

Sushi Yoshinaga is the name of an obsession: how to harmoniously combine tradition and modernity? From the nigiri to the sakes, not to forget the ceramics designed by artist Masanobu Ando, everything here expresses itself through the same guiding theme, an undeniably traditional base that plays with the challenges of contemporaneity to offer you a unique experience, out of space and out of time.

Chef Yoshinaga peignant une pièce de sushi avec de la sauce soja
Vue du comptoir à sushi avec couverts

The place

Stepping through the restaurant's doorway is all it takes to enter a world like no other: a sense of anticipation takes us over, as the chef becomes the focal point, framed by light, curled up in the middle of the counter so that every guest has a full and direct view of his meticulous art. This serene setting creates a singular atmosphere. Time has vanished, and so have our landmarks. We no longer know where we are.

Located halfway between the Opéra and Paris' Japanese Quarter, Sushi Yoshinaga was designed by Sala Hars and Agathe Marimbert Architecte with the same ambition of offering a contemporary vision of Japanese heritage, through a series of doors evoking ancient temples, and soft, modern lighting at the service of the presentation of sushi.

The chef

Tomoyuki Yoshinaga has been practicing the art of sushi for almost twenty years. After completing a strictly traditional training in Japan, he met the highly reputed Chef Okuda and decided to join him in Paris. France offered him a clientele with a highly educated palate, whose culture allowed them to express their emotions freely and react in real time to the different dishes he served. He found himself enjoying this open interaction with his guests, which enabled him to understand them better and perfect his work accordingly.

In France, he also discovered a different type of fish to that of Japan: of high quality, but which, in his opinion, needed to be handled differently to get the best out of it. He then developed his own unique and original technique, albeit built on the heritage of edomae sushi. His style of cooking expresses itself through flavors that can only be felt, not described.

Aware of the responsibility this entails, Chef Yoshinaga is proud to welcome you to a place that carries his name.

Chef Yoshinaga souriant
Sushi présenté sur une assiette

The menu

We feature a unique menu, Chef Yoshinaga's omakase, which revolves around the discovery of seasonal produce, caught on the day - or the last few days, as the chef likes to mature some of his fish to enhance their taste and texture.

Chef Yoshinaga's Omakase - 330 euros